game downloadGladiator Heroes - Fights, Blood & Glory

Gladiator Heroes - Fights, Blood & Glory

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Category : Action

Price : Free

Version : 2.6.0

Size : 188.92 MB

188.92 MB

Downloads : 1,000,000+


Android : 4.1, 4.1.1

4.1, 4.1.1

Let's fight fighters! Fight with valor, fight for your blood and glory in an epic survival fight. Gladiator Heroes is the first action fighting game where you can fight against enemies of the legendary Roman Empire. Be the next Spartacus. Feel the strength as it will help you in your fight in the colosseum in this new fighting games. Step into the arena and prove you are the best fighter, separating blood from glory as your prosper in one of the best fighting hero games.

Gladiator Heroes offers an almost real experience of a survival gladiator combat. Battle in the arena and entertain the crowds in an offline fight to the death.

Download this exciting and addictive survival action and fighting game now, and show the ancient world who is the Spartacus of the arena! Let’s fight Gladiator!

Face off against enemies and defeat them, fighting offline in the colosseum. Valor and glory are at stake, and only the best fighters of the Roman Empire will achieve the victory.

In Gladiator Heroes you can use different kinds of weapons and resources. Be the best gladiator in this fighting hero games and the last survival standing on the colosseum.

In Gladiator Heroes you are the protagonist. Do you believe you can be Spartacus in this incredible survival offline fighting game of fight and action ?

Lead your fighter team to an epic fight against the empire in the best action and fighting game. Gladiator Heroes, probably the best gladiator fighting game.


- Survival mode

-Epic fighting game mode.

-Organise your fight strategy in an offline fight.

-Incredible graphics that recreate imposing colosseum, where you will have to fight and defeat your enemies as a Spartacus survival hero fighting.

-Enjoy multiplayer PVP events. Non-stop fighting with the best strategy and turn-based tactics game in one of the best action games in survival.

- Make your fight clan and compete in the Fighting League.

Fights, blood, battles and strategy are mixed in this incredible fighting and survival games.

Download & Play the best fighting game on the market now and and fight with Gladiators from around the world! Be part of one of the best survival games


Gladiator Heroes - Best survival fighting game is a free action and fighting game, but you will have the option to buy some items in the game in exchange for real money.

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خیلی جالبه از لحاظ بازی های گلادیاتوری من نضرم از این بازی مثبته هرکی موافقه لایک کنه و اونی که مخالف دست رو به پایین رو بزنه اما بازی جالبیه من بازی رو دوست دارم و مطمئنم همه بخاطر همین نصبش کردند

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یه مشکلی دارم. میرم تو بازی میگه به آخرین نسخه گوگل پلی برای این بازی نیاز هست. کنسلو میزنم بازم همون پنجره میاد بالا.چی کار کنم ؟

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خیلی خیلی عالی ممنون ایران اپس شما لهترین بازی های دنیا را دارید.



اونایی که میگن کیفیتش خوب نیست برن تو تنظیمات گرافیک همه تیکا رو بزنیدخط هارو پر کنید عالی میشه ولی اگه سرعت گوشیتون پایین باشه بازی کند میشه در کل فوق العاده است



چرا اپدیت جدیدش رو لود اولش گیر میکنه خسته شدم الان ۳باره دارم دانلودش میکنم!چکارکنم؟؟؟؟؟



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