game downloadSecond Gear : Drag

دنده دو : درگ

Second Gear : Drag

( 2005 )

Category : Sports Games

Price : Free

Version : 1.9

Size : 183.31 MB

183.31 MB

Downloads : 235,000+


Android : 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2

2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2

Experience the real excitement of drag racing with "2ndGear"!

Select  your desired car and customize it based on your personal style. Upgrade your car in the garage and enjoy the stunning graphics of the game for hours. Write whatever you desire on the car tag. Take photos of your special car and share it with your friends. You ready? Start the car and begin the match!

You have no limits in "2ndGear".

The streets of the cities are waiting for you! Go and show them who's the best driver in the country.

"2ndGear" is where you can boast everyone your skill and speed .

High quality and Graphics

·         3D modeled cars with incredible quality and high precision

·          Eye catching and stunning menus

·          Iranian game environment

Various cars and great customization ability

·          Over 20 Iranian and non-Iranian cars of different global brands with high quality and complete simulation

·          Ability of sticking attractive decals on cars

·          Feature for changing car colors in a vast variety

·          Feature for changing the car tags with your desired text

·          Over 60 cute pictures for your avatar

Great music and sounds

·         Terrific music in different parts of the game

·         Professional car sounds

·         Attractive environmental sounds

          Exciting and smooth game play

·          Simple but exciting and addictive game play

·          Precise simulation of car handling system just like the real world

·          Facility of upgrading every single part of the car

·          Various types of games (story, daily, free, …) in various cities of Iran like Tehran, Isfahan, Ahvaz, …

·          Exciting and involving story

·          Competition with the best drivers in each city for the title of top driver.


To run the game properly you need at least one GB of RAM. At the beginning of game it

tries to detect your device hardware and automatically choose proper level of  graphics . You can change the graphic level in the Graphic Level Menu. Note that selecting higher levels of graphics causes higher battery consumption.

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امیر حسین عابدی

ازاین بهتر نمی شود

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عالیه ولی اگه مود این بازی رو هم بزارید عالی تر هم خواهد شد ✔

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عالی عالی عالی عالی

9 Days ago


عااااااااالییییییییی من عاشق این بازی هستم پنج بار تمومش کردم

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حجم زیادی می بره

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بازیه خوبیه ولی یه ذره مشکل داره

19 Days ago


عالیه فقط یه چیزی که هست اینه که پول برای خریدن ماشین ها و جمع کردن پول سخته منظورم اینه که پول ماشین ها زیاده اگـــه میشه کــم ترشــ کنینــ❤️ بــــــــــاے

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بازی خوبه خدایی حرف نداره.*

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بابا این اصلا وقتی میاد میگه بنزین نداری وقتی سکه طلا میدم پرکنه سکه ها رو میبره ولی پر نمیکنه مدل گوشی هم j5هست و زیاد پایین نیست .لطفا راهنمایی کنید

26 Days ago

mahdi seyyedan

ب ععععععااااااااااللللللللییییییییهههه هم درگ هم ترافیک

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پول ماشین زیاد جایزه ها هم کم اگه میشه پول ماشین هارو کم کنید

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amirali ghesmati

همچی تموم

26 Days ago


هر درگ بازی اینو رفت تو کفش میمونه

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محمد صدرا حق بیان

فقط خوب بود



خوبه خیلی قشنگه ولی سرعت سرورتون پایینه فکر کنم چون منوها دیر بالا میاد



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