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Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter

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Category : Arcade & Action

Price : Free

Version : 2.1

Size : 5.39 MB

5.39 MB

Downloads : 100,000+


Android : 2.0


Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter is one of the favorite archery master 3D games on Google Play. If you're just looking for a shooter game to kill time, then this is the one for you. Inspired by Wilhelm Tell, this game is fairly easy to play. However, As you progress in the game, the game will position you further away from your target, so it becomes harder and harder. You need to cleverly and shoot the apples, so you won’t end up hurting your friend. It's very challenging and is all about FUN. No wonder, Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter is being considered as the best apple shooter games archery right now. It's a crossbow Shooting deluxe for all ages that offers an amazingly, realistic archery experience. ★★★ Don’t miss this opportunity: Download Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter NOW!!! ★★★Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter is a 3D exclusive Android game for archery lovers. It's very easy to play as you just need to drag your bow to shoot the apple on his head from different distances in this best archery game. However, there are various obstacles, challenges, and puzzles to solve as you level up so make sure to practice your Robin Hood skills to be the best archer or bowman. Also, you need to be a professional archer to beat the champions in this league, and to do just that, you need to practice archery, and master how to aim the target, and shoot arrows at targets efficiently. You have limited arrows to shoot the apple, in this game of war. Like many 3D archery games and free shooting games, our 2D HD game of war is extremely challenging and exciting. To transform the Bow Stickman, into a good archer, you need to hit the apple accurately. You have limited arrows in this shooting game of archery so make sure to hit the target, and avoid moving 3D objects such as (crates, bombs, bricks, walls, etc.). Unlock various levels after completing the levels. Reach the TOP of Leader-boards and compete with friends. What are you waiting for? ★★★ Develop your stickman into a Bow-master and prove that you’re worthy to Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter today! ★★★Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter Key Features✔ Easy & user-friendly controls to play. ✔ Pick up the bow & release the arrows to hit the apples ✔ Challenging levels to shoot with great animation✔ Free app for kids and adults✔ Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.✔ Limited arrows to hit the specific target, avoid hitting others. Multiple targets to play & shoot with classic Bow and Arrows theme.✔ The physics animation used in this game is very detailed and accurate.✔ Interesting Game PlayOverall, Dark Man Archery Apple Shooteris a fun and exciting game with easy & user-friendly controls, and incredible 3D graphics that will hold your attention the whole way through the game. It is the most challenging shooting game ever, so it's perfect for those who wanted to put themselves to the test. With tons of practice, patience, for sure you'll get the hang of this awesome game that is well worth playing.User’s Reviews:★ “This proves that a straight-forward game can be better than hardcore games out there. “ Theo – Belgium★ “Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter is definitely one of the best archery games ever on mobile! It’s easy to play and highly addictive.” Maxine – China★ “I have downloaded this game for my daughter who loves Merida, and I am quite surprised that she found this game amusing.” Oliver – UK★ Download Dark Man Archery Apple Shooter, for FREE on Google Play today! ★--------------------NEWS & EVENTSLIKE US : US: US : US : http://www.7seasent.comFacing a problem? Got a suggestion? We would love to hear from you! And we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting us.

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