Rules & Regulations

Application Examination Instructions

Last revise date: 11 May, 2015

Dear Developer,

We are glad and proud you have chosen IranApps to publish your applications.

Before proceeding, please take note that every appstore has its own set of rules for application audit, therefore, even if your application has been approved by other appstores, it doesn’t necessarily mean that IranApps will approve of it.

Before submitting your apk file, you should sign up for a user account (either cooperate or personal) in IranApps.

In case your application violates any of the following rules, IranApps support team will return it to you with the tag “returned for revision”, and until you will not revise your application to abide by IranApps rules, it will remain in suspension.

Auditing an application by IranApps support team should take 72 business hours depending on the size of the application. Please take note that this time may be longer at weekends (Thursdays and Fridays), so if your application remains unaudited after 72 hours, please keep patient and do not repeat your audit requests.

Also, note that if your application is tagged “returned for revision”, until you will not apply necessary changes in your application as instructed by IranApps support team, it won’t be reaudited.

In case a developer acts otherwise and doesn’t correct his/her application exactly as instructed by IranApps support team, his/her application will be archived or even removed from IranApps environment.

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Please take the following instructions into consideration to accelerate the process of application audit and publication:

1. Icon:
  • 1.1. Please design your application icon according to icon creation standards. If you have no idea about these standards, please see the icons of some foreign applications or applications already published in IranApps for some clues.
  • 1.2. Application icon must be related to the content of application.
  • 1.3. After installation, an application icon must correspond to the icon presented for it in IranApps Developers Panel.
  • 1.4. Application icon must not be linked to other addresses.
  • 1.5. Application icon must not contain ONLY text.
  • 1.6. Using other applications’ icons is not allowed.
  • 1.7. Application icon should be uploaded in PNG format sized at 512*512.
  • 1.8. You’d better use unique icons for your applications.
2. Screenshots:
  • 2.1. An application screenshots must present the actual content of that application.
  • 2.2. Screenshots must not contain any watermark from other appstores.
  • 2.3. Screenshots must be in PNG or JPG format.
  • 2.4. Screenshots must be updated to correspond to the changes made in an application update.
  • 2.5. You must provide at least 2 screenshots for each of your applications.
3. Title:
  • 3.1. Choose a Persian title for your application, preferably.
  • 3.2. Application title must correspond to application content.
  • 3.3. Do not use titles that have already been used.
  • 3.4. After installation, an application title must correspond to the its title in IranApps Developers Panel.
  • 3.5. You’d better not to use unusual characters in your applications titles.
  • 3.6. Choosing long titles for your applications is not advised.
4. Description:
  • 4.1. There should not be any spelling errors in application description.
  • 4.2. You must not refer to other appstores or link to them in your application description.
  • 4.3. You are not allowed to ask for donation, help, financial compensation and the like in application description.
  • 4.4. You are strongly advised not to include any private information in your applications description.
  • 4.5. Application description must correspond to application functions.
5. Price:
  • 5.1. Please take note that IranApps uses Toman (10 Rials) as its currency.
  • 5.2. An application’s price in IranApps must correspond to its price in other appstores.
  • 5.3. According to IranApps regulations, paying for an application must only be implemented through IranApps payment portal. Using banks or other appstores’ portals is not allowed.
6. User Interface (UI):
  • 6.1. Please set a proper line spacing in UI.
  • 6.2. Choose a proper font family and font color for UI.
  • 6.3. Choose a proper background for UI.
  • 6.4 Choose a proper text alignment for UI (right to left or left to right) in respect to your application’s language.
  • 6.5. Try to organize UI in list view.
  • 6.6. Design UI for high performance.
  • 6.7. Using options such as “add to favorites”, “search”, “zoom” and “share” in UI makes your application look more useful.
  • 6.8. Try to design and optimize UI for both portrait and landscape views.
  • 6.9. Design UI in a way that no restart is needed for changes to take effect.
  • 6.10. Including an Exit button in UI is mandatory.
  • 6.11. Design UI to be user-friendly.
  • 6.12. Design UI in a way that using it is easy for all age groups.
7. Content:
  • 7.1. IranApps will not publish any application with hacking title or content.
  • 7.2. IranApps will not publish any application with USSD or account charging content.
  • 7.3. IranApps will only publish live broadcast applications if they have acquired necessary permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
  • 7.4. There is no limitation for the number of applications you can publish in IranApps, however, before that, you have to remove any advertisement concerning other appstores from your application.
  • 7.5. Ranking and commenting on an application could only be done through IranApps.
  • 7.6. IranApps will only publish applications with sexual content if they have acquired necessary permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
  • 7.7. IranApps will only publish applications with religious content if they have acquired necessary permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
  • 7.8. IranApps will only publish applications with social networking content if they have acquired necessary permissions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
  • 7.9. IranApps will only publish applications with medical content if they have acquired necessary permissions from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
  • 7.10. Application content must not be so simple that could be found with a few searches in Internet.
  • 7.11. Including content from other sources must be with their permission.
  • 7.12. In order to include cultural products such as poems, stories, etc. in your application, you must have a permission from their respective authors unless 30 years have passed from their passing.
  • 7.13. All advertisements including “adad” must be removed from your applications.
  • 7.14. Including any advertisement in your applications that links to other appstores is not allowed.
8. Access Permissions:
  • 8.1. In order to gain user confidence in your applications, please remove any unnecessary access permissions from them.
  • 8.2. To gain user confidence you could also use “Intents” in your applications.
9- Force close:
  • 9.1. Please take necessary measures to prevent your applications from force closing while launching, running or closing.
10. Sources:
  • 10.1. You must cite the sources you have derived your application content from in your application. If you intend to include content from a copyrighted source, then its author must inform us of his consent through email.