You can download and install IranApps using either of the following methods:
1. Copy and paste “iranapps.ir/IranApps.apk” in the address bar of your PC browser; click “ok” or “yes” when the download window of your broswer appears; wait until the download is finished, then using a USB cable or any other popular method transfer the APK file you have downloaded to your smartphone and install IranApps simply by touching the APK file.
2 . Copy and paste “iranapps.ir/IranApps.apk” in the address bar of your smartphone browser; wait until the download is finished, then choose “install” at the bottom of the install page where the permission accesses are explained. If you see no “install” button at the bottom, please scroll down in the list of permission accesses until the “next” button turns to “install”.

Remember that to use IranApps you only have to install the APK file you have downloaded from iranapps.ir/IranApps.apk
IranApps hosts a huge number of applications some of them are free and some paid. Depending on your needs, you could use either of these applications.
This is up to you. You could choose to store the applications you download from IranApps in your smartphone memory or not simply by going to IranApps Settings and choose wether or not to store the applications.
There are two methods to pay for paid applications in IranApps:
1. Online payment through banks payment portal
2. Payment through your IranApps Wallet which you have already charged with real money.
No registration is needed to use IranApps, however, to make full use of IranApps and purchasing paid applications in it you have to sign up for a user account in IranApps.
Yes. If you have a user account in IranApps, you could not only log in to your account but also have access to your wish list from any other device.
IranApps will not publish any application independetly and without the consent of its developer. As with the non-Persian applications, if you need an application you cannot find in IranApps, you could send the application name or its Google Play link through the “contact us” form in IranApps itself or feedback@iranapps.ir so that we could arrange for publishing your needed application in IranApps.
In order to upload your applications in Iranapps, first, you need to have a user account. Whether you are an individual or a group or a company, you can sign up for either a natural or a legal user account in respect to your status by going to developer.iranapps.ir
In case your account reaches a minimum balance of 100,000 tomans, you could ask for a settlement through your account panel. We have set this minimum as low as possible so that our developers don’t have to wait too much for a settlement. Besides, at the end of each year, you could ask for a total settlement of your account.
Around 1 to 12 hours, however, if you take weekends and holidays into account, this period may take longer.
After registeration, you could only change your nickname. The username you choose during the registration process is not changebale.
You could upload them from the developers panel as usual. The only thing you must remember is to change the version code of your application when uploading a new version of it.
Yes. You could ask for IranApps Appguard service by which you can protect your apps from being pirated. IranApps will provide you with codes that when used for your applications could stop any illegal download of them.
There is no limitation or cost concerning the number of applications you can upload in IranApps.
IranApps Developers Panel is designed perfectly to grant you access to the most detailed information about your applications such as the number of downloads, sales rate, users comments about your applications, etc.