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Last revise date: 11 May, 2015

Why is Iranapps the best choice for developers and the best place for them to publish their android applications?

If you are a developer of android applications and like to introduce your applications to a wide range of users, Iranapps with thousands of active users could be your best choice. The only thing you have to do is to sign up with IranApps as a developer and upload your apps in our easy-to-use panel so that they could be audited and published within 24 hours. IranApps developer’s panel offers a wide range of features and marketing tools, and has separate sections for statistics and income. IranApps experts are always there by your side to help you in developing more quality applications.


- Auditing and publishing Persian developers’ applications in no time

- 24/7/365 support accessible through different channels

- Developers panel that provides you with accurate download and sales statistics using momentary, hourly and daily graphs

- Providing developers with incentives to help them increase their downloads and sales

- Free consultation services for developers that help them produce applications and increase their income much easier

- In-app billing, a smooth purchase flow that brings in more global customers and gives a rise to in-app sales

- Instant settlements with accurate schedules and the highest anticipated profit (70% net profit) for developers

Why is Iranapps the best choice for users?

- Useful, simple and neat UI that provides easy access to thousands of applications

- Iranapps Wallet using which users don’t have to go through boring bank payment processes to buy an application

- High-speed downloads with no disconnection, failure or bandwidth limit

- Secure and reliable both for users and developers

- User data encryption, wallet encryption, special offers and compatibility with android 2.2+

- Diverse yet useful categories that put the best applications just one click away from users

- 24/7/365 support, Iranapps Support Team is ready to resolve any issue users or developers may encounter 24/7/365

- The most organized appstore